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who is it for?

Homeopathy is suitable for many conditions including:

• Skin conditions
• Allergies
• Hay fever
• Respiratory problems
• Recurring problems
• Menstrual/Hormonal problems
• Structural, muscular problems
• Mental/Emotional related problems
• Behavioural difficulties including of Children.
• Children’s ailments
• Complaints during pregnancy
• Preparation/Difficulties in conception, pregnancy or   child-birth

As homeopathic treatments use a safe form of medicine and it has no side effects, it is suitable during pregnancy as well as for breast-feeding mothers and babies/children.

Are you on a course of medication already?

Homeopathic remedies can work alongside with conventional medicine therefore treatment is possible even if you are under a course of treatment prescribed by your GP or a specialist. However it is advisable that you inform your GP or a specialist that you are seeing a homeopath.
It is not advisable to stop any medication or course of treatment that you are being prescribed by GP without his/her consent.

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