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Homeopathic medicines are frequently called “remedy” and there are over 2000 remedies available, where each one is unique.
They are made from wide range of substances such as plants, minerals and animals*.
In the process of remedy making, an alcoholic tincture of the substance (called mother tincture) undergoes a high level of dilution and at the same time, it undergoes a process called succusion. Succusion is a process, where the solution is shaken vigorously to release energetic principle of the substance. Hence it is most important process in remedy making.
High dilution also means that homeopathic remedies are not toxic and is very safe form of medicine with no side effects. Hence it can be used by; babies, children, pregnant women, elderly as well as animals**
 *This does not mean that an animal has to be killed for every animal remedy made.
** Please note that only veterinary surgeons trained in homeopathy are allowed to treat animals homeopathically.

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