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children and homeopathy

Children and babies respond very well to homeopathy, and many chronic, untreatable or unexplainable conditions can be helped with often a lasting result. It is very safe with no side effects as well as its lasting result makes many parents turn to homeopathy. Thus avoiding the repetitive use of antibiotics and steroids.
Homeopathy helps to improve the child’s general well being as well as helping his/her growth. It is very effective in helping emotional and behavioural difficulties as it works on all sphere of the person.
We take into account the family medical history, the child’s personal history, including current symptoms as well as his/her personalities and characteristic, hence it is essential that the child in concern come to the consultation also.

Please note that there is a home visit service for families who would find it difficult to come to the clinic. Please contact for further information.

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children and homeopathy
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