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I offer Birth and/or Postnatal Doula with minimum of two 1-2hours session of antenatal care. However I am very happy to assist you from the very beginning or anytime during the pregnancy.
I am also able to incorporate homeopathy and/or massages within the Doula package.
I offer free introductory session, whether you decide to hire me or not; therefore please do not hesitate to contact me to discuss any concerns you have, I am happy to talk over the phone or come and see you directly.

Antenatal Care

Beginning of the pregnancy
• Offering advices and support to go through a happy pregnancy
• Dietary or practical advices on common difficulties experienced during pregnancy
• Helping to get ready for birth and arrival of the new baby
Later on… (2 antenatal visits offering below are included if chosen to have me as a birth doula)
• Helping to make a birth plan, through clarifying your wishes and expectations
• Getting you and your partner ready for birth
• Telephone and email support
• 24 hour on call support from 38 – 42 weeks (If chosen to have a Birth Doula service)


• Offering support in making the birth plan to have a happy birth experience for you, your partner and everyone.
• Facilitating communication between you and the medical staff/other caregivers for a satisfying experience.
• Support in Natural birth, Home birth, Water birth, medically assisted birth or combinations of those. (Also discussing options available if unsure)
• Continuous attendance and care during labour, birth and until you are settled to your first feed.
• Working together to make the birth easier & faster through suggesting breathing & relaxation techniques, different posture, movement, use of homeopathy and other techniques, which are applicable to you.
• Supporting the partner to support the mother – if he/she is present at the birth.
• At least one postnatal visit.
• Telephone and email support when and if you need.

Postnatal Doula

• Supporting the mother to bond with the new baby, have rest & recover
• Helping to make sure that the New baby is incorporated into the family smoothly
• Giving help in order for both parents to have quality time with each other, with the baby and with other children
• Support and guidance on Breast feeding/Bottle feeding
• Helping to take care of the baby (e.g. Bathing the baby and other hygiene matters)
• Organising nursery
• Cooking and other household errands if required.

Doula and Homeopathy & Massage: Choices of services (Chargeable depending on the extent of service)

• Use of homeopathy before, during and after birth for mother, baby and older siblings if necessary – please enquire for further details.
• Use of massage techniques to ease the labour
• Separate massage sessions if requested.
• Assistance on baby massage if interested.

Doulas believe in mothering the mother; she is there to help you to have an empowering and satisfying experience in becoming or being a mother. Doulas do not give or offer medical advice or support, but she will be there for you to support you in whatever the choices you decide to make. If you decide to have a postnatal doula, again, she will support you to look after the baby, unlike maternity nurse who will take charge in taking care of the baby.

If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact me. There is more information on Doulas available at the links section.

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